"...he was very honest with us if we asked his opinion on prospective tenants."


Mark came to take a look at our house and within hours, it was on the market and we were getting showings. It was rare that a day went by without a showing and it was a pleasure dealing with Mark Rucco.

The most impressive aspect was that he was very honest with us if we asked his opinion on prospective tenants. We had someone offer to rent our house and their credit was just ok but as we tried to get a lease taken care of, the prospective tenant was not very responsive. Mark was honest and said we should wait for the right tenant.

After waiting a bit, we got a tenant with a perfect credit score and they even wrote us a letter telling us how much they loved our house. It was worth waiting and we probably wouldn't have waited wtihout Mark's advice.

Definitely would recommend Mark Rucco!
Service provided
Helped me find tenant for rental
Street address
7916 Red Mahogany Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33437


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